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Sell Your Car to Michiana Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

If you're looking to get some money for your current vehicle, you can find a simple way of selling it here in the Mishawaka, South Bend and Elkhart areas, and that's by selling your vehicle to our car dealership. Here at Michiana Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you can sell your vehicle to us with an easy and transparent process and avoid the hassle of having to run your own ads and fielding calls from people you don't know. You can get your money for your car's value, and we'll handle the rest. What's not to like?

Get Your Vehicle Appraised Online

The first step is to get your vehicle appraised. You can use our online appraisal tool which will run your vehicle information such as the make, model year, mileage, color, and other features through an extensive database to find the right pricing and cater it to our local area so you're getting what your vehicle is worth here areas like Granger, Niles, and Michigan City. You'll be given that estimate which is a range of expected value and you can decide if that fits within your expected price range and if you want to continue forward with selling your vehicle to us.

Bring Your Vehicle to Our Dealership for a Final Inspection

If you have the price range that you agree on, you can bring it in to our dealership with no appointment necessary and we'll be able to help you finalize the offer. This also means we'll take a final look at the vehicle to inspect it and verify the status of it, and give you a no-obligation offer within 30 minutes. You can then decide if the price is to your liking, and proceed.

Sell Your Vehicle to Us or Trade In

We'll buy your car for cash, but we'll also help you if you'd like to trade it in for a new or used vehicle we have here in our showroom, where you're going to find many options from multiple brands. The choice is yours, and the experience is that simple!

What to Bring When Selling Your Vehicle to Us

We'll need a few things from you if you're looking to sell your vehicle, including:

  • The vehicle's title if you own your car outright
  • The payoff amount and lender information if there's an existing loan or lease
  • Your current vehicle registration
  • Your current driver's license
  • All keys or remote keys

How We Get Your Estimated Value

To know our process on how we determine the final offer price for your vehicle, here are a few of the factors we use:

  • We check market conditions and factors like if it's a popular vehicle or how many are available throughout the local area
  • We thoroughly inspect the vehicle inside and out to ensure it is in working order, while also taking a test drive to determine if there are any repairs that are needed
  • If you have all your keys, spare tires, and your system software is up to date, plus any wear and use
  • What key features are on your vehicle, such as modern technology and safety features
  • We run a vehicle history report to get all the information on your car, truck or SUV as well

Learn More About Selling Your Car to Us Today

Here at Michiana Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we'd be happy to provide you with all the details you need to sell your vehicle to us and get a standout offer on a quality option here in our showroom. Contact us for more information, or visit us in person and we can get started today.

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